Kojima on Metal Gear Solid: “Maybe I’ll do 5”

Still holding out hope for news on that elusive Metal Gear Solid 5? You’re in luck, because creator Hideo Kojima mentioned that he might at least be considering creating another major installment to the series at a press conference in Tokyo this weekend. That’s better than nothing, right?

Although the recently released PSP game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was initially codenamed as the series’ fifth numbered title, the production team took the¬†executive¬†decision to drop the “5” from marketing materials last year. Regardless, Kojima did state that Peace Walker was in fact “an MGS5-class game,” so if we do eventually see another major release, we’re likely to see numerous gameplay elements initially explored in the handheld title.

Even though Kojima does repeatedly claim he wishes to move onto pastures new and focus his efforts on other IP, he does still keep coming back ‘that one last time.’ Here’s hoping for (at least) one more numbered Metal Gear Solid title directed and produced by the man himself.