Analysts also think Kinect will push 3 million this holiday

Last week Microsoft expressed its belief that it would be able to sell around 3 million units of its full-body gesture-recognition technology, Kinect, this holiday.

Now, three prominent industry analysts have offered their take on that lofty figure, and all are in agreement that Microsoft will be able to reach their estimated figure.

Jesse Divnich, Vice President of Analyst Services for Electronic Entertainment and Design Research (EEDAR), recently expressed his faith in Microsoft.

“Three million units is certainly aggressive, and it is rare to see any organization toss out unit estimates well before launch, but I believe it just speaks to the high confidence level within Microsoft,” he said.

“With Microsoft’s plan to aggressively market the Kinect this holiday season, hitting three million units is possible.”

But what would an industry analyst story be without comment from Mr. Michael Pachter?

Fear not, Pachter reciprocated Divinich’s statement.

“It seems reasonable to me,” he said. “They’re going to likely sell close to three million Xbox 360s in November and December, and the Kinect bundles are pretty attractively priced, both for entry level (with the Arcade model for $300) and for replacement (with the 250Gb model for $400).

“My guess is that they will sell around half of consoles with the bundle, so they need another 1.5 million standalone units to hit their goal.”

And for good measure, Colin Sebastian, from Lazard Capital Markets, said Microsoft isn’t crazy to think it can sell 3 million units this holiday.

“This sounds like a reasonable expectation for sell-through, and is consistent with our estimates,” he said.

Kinect is due out on November 4 with 15 launch titles and a Dashboard overhaul. I am not planning to buy the peripheral…are you?