Future Call of Duty games ‘deeper, richer, more engaging’

Want to get a glimpse of what the future holds for the Call of Duty franchise? Play Black Ops.

According to Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, the Treyarch game will give players “a sense of how different the games will look visually…it’s only going to get richer, the characters are only going to get deeper, the stories are only going to get more engaging.”

Kotick’s comments come from the Deutsche Bank 2010 Technology Conference last week while talking about the series’ future for the next five years.

“The characters you see on the screen are going to be much more realistic than they are today,” he continued. “They’re going to be more compelling, they’re going to be more believable, there’s going to be so many more things you can do from a gameplay perspective than what we can do today.”

The executive also chatted up future uses for PlayStation Move and Kinect; “you now have the ability to use voice to actually control what you see on the screen, and for motion to control what you see on the screen, those are going to be big changes in the interface that will probably broaden the appeal of videogames.”

But first, Black Ops. The shooter’s out this November; the 9th worldwide.