Limbo beats out classic ports to top summer arcade charts

The XBLA market was snatched up by many classic games this summer. But what came out on top? Why Limbo of course.

In an interview with Microsoft Game Studios VP Phil Spencer, Joystiq grabbed the scoop. Limbo held its moniker of top summer games by “a long stretch” according to Spencer. In regards to the big business of well known remakes and ports Spencer believes “there was a time¬†when Live Arcade was about IP that people knew,” while still admitting that those games are “always going to be important.”

“It’s changing though,” he continued. “I really think coming out of Braid, Shadow Complex, Limbo […] that it’s changing a little bit. We see that in the market, that it’s becoming less about iconic IP that people know and it’s becoming more diverse.”

As far as a change is concerned, this is one I could get behind. Although it ‘s still worth the time to run dyslexic Dracula through a castle and beat up three story zombies, but I’d have to agree with Spencer on his statement: “I love Limbo. I think Limbo’s probably my game of the year right now.”