The Last Guardian 3D, Move support possible

Team Ico’s 2011 effort, The Last Guardian, may end up shipping with two much talked about features that are currently not a certainty; the inclusion 3D and support for the newly-released PlayStation Move controller.

Speaking at the Tokyo Game Show last week, director Fumito Ueda said 3D wasn’t originally planned for the game but that the developer is “still looking into this.”

“In its current state, we’ve pretty much used up the full system specs,” he said. “However, we’d like people who don’t normally play games to play, so if it can reach these people, we’ll think about it. With this meaning, it’s not the case that there is absolutely no plan for support.”

It wouldn’t be the studio’s first 3D-enabled game; the long-awaited HD re-releases of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus will both be playable in 3D as they release next spring. “Neither Ico nor Shadow were made with 3D in mind originally, but they do fit it well I believe.”

On possible Move support, Ueda added: “..even if we did adopt Move, it would be Move compatible, and not exclusive.”

As confirmed last week, the PS3-only title will ship next holiday.