Activision looking to extend CoD’s recurring revenue models, introduce multiple entry points

In order to get everything a Call of Duty game has to offer, players may soon find themselves spending more than the $60 on the game and $15 on the odd map pack; speaking at the Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. Technology Conference, Activision CFO Thomas Tippl revealed that the publisher is “looking to extend recurring revenue models.” However, instead of monetizing what players currently get for free, Activision sees itself adding “new and innovative service offerings that could give players more choice.”

“What we’re not going to do is take anything away from players that they used to get today for the price they get it for today,” Tippl assures. “I don’t think that would be a good and smart business decision.”

“But I think we have a lot in our pipeline that we believe will provide great value for our players. So I think there’s continued opportunity to expand the player base and to provide them with service offerings and products that can also enhance revenue growth.”

CEO Bobby Kotick agrees: “As long as we keep providing value – whether it’s in services, or new content or things like virtual items… There’s so much we can do to provide value to our customers.”

“They’re willing to pay us for it and I think giving multiple entry points to consumers to figure out how to exactly play the game is something that’s really important to building our audiences.”