Global Agenda offers APB evacuees (and everyone else) a discount

Here’s a novel marketing approach, exploiting the demise of a competitor. MMO shooter Global Agenda is offering a discount to gamers unable to play the recently deceased APB.

Speaking on the official Global Agenda blog, executive producer Todd Harris wrote, “The last few years have been rough for many fans of the Shooter/MMO genre. Several innovative game titles with great communities have folded as they sought to bring together those of us who enjoy the fast-action, intense pace of a shooter, but also the character progression and persistence offered by MMOs.

“Today, we mourn our latest fallen colleague, APB. In making APB, Realtime Worlds had a bold vision to make an MMO devoid of traditional tab-targeting, cast bars, and die-roll combat. We honor their effort and innovation, and greatly mourn the game’s closing.

“Sadly, the APB server shutdown leaves their entire community with nothing to shoot or blow up tonight!”

Unless you take advantage of Global Agenda‘s sale, that is. New players have until Fri 24 Sept. to receive a 30 percent discount on the game. Enter the code “LongLiveShooterMMOs” in the store to get the game for $20.99 (£13.12 or €15.75). Or you could just trial it for free.

Harris concluded, “We at Hi-Rez Studios believe strongly in the Shooter/MMO genre. We celebrate and thank all developers advancing innovative Shooter/MMO concepts, as well as the fans that dedicate their time to playing and supporting these games.”