MS: Xbox success in Japan over time

Despite lagging far behind the competition, Microsoft is still hopeful about making the Xbox platform a success in Japan.

Speaking at the Tokyo Game Show last week, Microsoft Game Studios’ corporate vice president Phil Spencer was confident of the company’s future successes.

“Momentum builds over time,” the exec said in an interview. “Before Xbox we had no presence, and the other two competitors were in the market, and I do think we’ve made strides. If we look at where we’ve come from from Xbox 1… I do think it’s a steady momentum.”

Microsoft is “a big company with big ambitions,” Spencer adds. “…in certain regions those ambitions will take time to come to fruition. Japan’s part of our global community there and we’re dedicated to this space for the long term. There’s no magic tick-boom point for us.”

Microsoft has to date sold 1.3 million Xbox 360s in Japan. PS3 sales stand at 5+ million, Wii’s at 10+ million.