Visceral: Dead Space 2 needs an “outpouring of support” for Dead Space 3

Speaking with Eurogamer, Steve Papoutsis, executive producer of Visceral Games, reiterated that they’ll give gamers Dead Space 3 if they show that they want Dead Space 2. Papoutsis also disclosed that a third installment has been “mapped out,” although, “not at a super high level of detail.”

“Hopefully the game comes out, people like it, it has critical support, and a lot of people buy it. And then we’ll get an opportunity to do another one,” Papoutsis says.

“Nobody’s going to just let you go and do another game just because. You have to have the people that are interested in it. We’re working really hard to make sure this game’s better so we get a chance to do Dead Space 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 20.”

So far so good on the support front. Papoutsis revealed that Dead Space “is probably the most support I’ve ever seen for a franchise I’ve been on.” Gamers will get a chance to show EA the money come January.