DICE snatches up Battlefield Assault domains

Battlefield developer DICE may be adding to its free-to-play resume; the Swedish studio has registered itself some domain names, Planet Battlefield has noticed, suggesting that something called Battlefield Assault is on the way.

BattlefieldAssault.com, Battlefieldp4f.com, BattlefieldPlay4free.com, Bfassault.com, Bfp4f.com and Bfplay4free.com are as of August 26th the property of the studio’s senior IT manager Calle Wahlfors. But, as these things go, no further deets just yet.

There’s clearly a market for such games though; DICE and publisher EA’s first browser-based, free-to-play Battlefield release, Battlefield Heroes, managed to attract over 3 million players in its first 6 months last year.