Epic Mickey possibly to ‘Move’ onto ‘Kinect’?

When we first heard about Epic Mickey, there was some confusion as to what platform it would be painting itself onto. Of course that was just the first reaction to a new videogame, since no one knew any specific details and, frankly, it caught people off guard. It was since confirmed to be a Wii exclusive and almost a year later, with the Disney game out in full view, that hasn’t changed. Or has it?

In a recent interview, Raul Ramirez, the game’s producer, did the ‘no comment comment’ thing when asked if Epic Mickey would be porting over to the PlayStation Move or Microsoft’s Kinect. While not allowed to comment on the idea, he did say that the idea was “what everybody feels now that those controls have come in, ” and that there are “talks going on, but… I don’t know.”

The idea isn’t really that much of a stretch either, as creative director Warren Spector himself has previously said that a port of the game would be “technologically” possible.

Epic Mickey releases in Europe on November 25, in Great Britain the following day, and hits North America on November 30.