Halo: Reach the best-selling Xbox exclusive ever

It’s safe to say that Microsoft director of entertainment and marketing Stephen McGill is pretty darn excited about the public’s reception of Halo: Reach. “We obviously believed in the potential of Reach, and of Halo as a franchise,” McGill told MCV, “but to make over $200 million sales on day one is a staggering result.”

It was such a staggering result that McGill continued to gush, “Halo: Reach has proved itself to be the biggest entertainment launch of 2010 and the best-selling Xbox exclusive in history.” Perhaps also a record is the supposed 2,000 human years that McGill claims have been spent playing Reach worldwide since launch. That number would also be impressive if we had any idea how to put it in perspective.

OK, OK I’ll try. $200 million in sales divided by $60 per copy is 3.33 million copies sold. 2,000 years are 730,000 days. That’s 17.52 million hours, which when divided by the 3.33 million copies equals a little more than 5 hours per copy. That means Halo fans have been coming up for food and air, which is good.