New Xbox update preview program opens up again

Just like last year, Microsoft has announced that they’re going to let a select few test drive the new Xbox dashboard a bit early and let them enjoy all the goodies that come with it. Well, not exactly all the goodies, as there will be no Kinect sensor sent to participants; other than that though, all the goodies. That includes taking the new ESPNĀ integrationĀ for a spin, checking out the music Zune offers and searching NetFlix from the couch. Participants will also get the chance to mess around with the new dashboard look and new family settings.

Follow this link to register your interest. A couple things to remember though, you have to be registered on the Microsoft Connect site and once you switch over, there’s no coming back. Also, those involved in the early preview won’t be able to party up with those not in the preview, so think carefully before applying. Don’t want to mess up your weekly Halo night, eh?