Codemasters: F1 2011 already in the works

Racing expert Codemasters is already working on a follow-up to this year’s F1 2010, lead designer Stephen Hood has revealed.

While the development is still in its early phases, Hood’s revealed in a chat with Eurogamer that he and senior producer Paul Jeal are already working up the feature list. This at the expense of content add-ons, though; “DLC we’re not planning to do with this one, because Paul and I have already started on ’11 now.”

“There are some other exciting things that we want to play around with,” Hood added of the sequel.

But what of F1 2012? “Certainly for 2011, that deal’s done and dusted. I think the 2012 deal isn’t a million miles away, it’s not signed yet, but I guess it depends on the sales, review scores, that type of thing.”

F1 2010 is released this week; yesterday in North America, tomorrow in Europe.