EA: Medal of Honor to come “dangerously close” to beating COD

More on EA’s well-publicized plans for FPS domination; while admitting it won’t beat Call of Duty this year, EA Europe’s senior VP Jens Uwe Intat has voiced his belief in the company’s Medal of Honor reboot coming “dangerously close.”

Talking with MCV, the executive said EA “certainly want to get back on top for shooters with Medal of Honor” and that “this is going to be a journey, as it has been with the way FIFA overtook PES.” Overnight success isn’t expected, but “in the years to come, we’re definitely going to beat Activision and Call of Duty,” Intat’s confident.

“The combination of digital marketing and advertising with the strength of word of mouth – something that really helped FIFA – should help the comeback.”

Intat points out that the publisher’s other big modern-day shooter, DICE’s Battlefield: Bad Company 2, in fact came close to outperforming Modern Warfare 2 in some countries; EA considers Battlefield the second half of its Call of Duty killing machine.