ICO and Last Guardian films could follow after Shadow of the Colossus

Remember that news story from ages ago about Shadow of Colossus getting a big screen adaptation? Yeah, it terrified everyone that ever played the game and after over a year of silence on the project, we were hoping it had simply died. It would seem that it’s still coming though, and if that wasn’t punishment enough we may get adaptations of ICO and The Last Guardian afterward as well.

Kevin Ping Chang from Misher Films recently spoke about the possibility of making the other games into films, stating “It is certainly something we’ve fought for as a production company, making the case to both SCE and Sony Pictures and saying, if Colossus works, this is a vision we can continue translating for at least two more episodes. We would love to do that.”

Maybe we’re being overly harsh; the people behind the project sure do seem enthusiastic about it but it’s such a challenge to capture the magic of Shadow on film. I’d rather just see the game in HD… oh wait!