Piracy prohibiting PC release of Super Street Fighter IV

Capcom skipping a PC release of Super Street Fighter IV boils down to piracy, producer Yoshinori Ono has revealed.

Despite strong sales of predecessor Street Fighter IV, the PC game was also “number one in piracy,” Ono says, and Capcom wants to protect the property and not create a situation where it could be considered “free” on any platform.

Given that a strong copy protection can be found, however, the brawler may find its way to retail yet as porting the game over to PC would be ‘extremely straightdorward’, Gamasutra’s paraphrased Ono as saying; the upcoming arcade release is already running on Taito’s DirectX-based Type X2 board.

A Steam-only release is out of the question, though. That would be unfair to those unable to purchase games via digital means, according to Ono.