The biggest scare of Dead Space: it could’ve been “cancelled”

Steve Papoutsis, executive producer at Visceral Games revealed what might be the scariest thing about Dead Space: there was a chance it could’ve been “cancelled” during initial development.

Speaking with CVG, Papoutsis admitted that the Dead Space team was under “immense pressure” to please EA and “at any minute we might have got cancelled.”

“[EA] might have said, ‘This isn’t making any progress, we don’t like it.'”

Flash forward to modern day. Dead Space 2 is due in Jan. 2011, has seen many an “exciting game extension” and Papoutsis is looking forward to “a chance to do Dead Space 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 20.”

So when you’re cowering over Dead Space 2 next year, take comfort in the fact that Isaac has survived a lot more than just Necromorphs and the Church of Unitology.