The tech and sounds of a New Vegas

Developer Obsidian, in conjunction with publisher Bethesda, have released another developer diary for their upcoming RPG Fallout New Vegas, the second one for those of you keeping count.

In this episode, the devs talk about the post-apocalyptic tech available in the game, not as in the engine powering it all, but as in objects and weapons you’ll find and be able to use to do stuff like killing mutated, out-of-this-world beings. And of course, a game has its considerably large sonic library as well (celebrities included), so the sound design is also covered in the video above. Not only the klings and klangs from a bullet ricocheting off of a twisted piece of metal, but the musical score as well, if only briefly. Also, lasers!

New Vegas is scheduled to hit stores in about a month, on October 19th in North America and 22nd in Europe for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, in all its standard and Collector’s Edition glory. While you wait, be sure to check out the first dev diary as well, focusing on the setting and story of the game.