You Don’t Know Jack outed by ESRB

Back when I got my first laptop, there was a trial version of You Don’t Know Jack included in the software packet; I was hooked. Eventually the CD version of the game stopped production, coming back as an online game on the Jellyvision website until it went silent in 2008. After almost two years of silence, an odd post surfaced on their blog this year saying “We told you so,” with a teaser of more news to come. It seems as if the ESRB has helped Jellyvision with that news, outing details of the game headed to PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii.

Anyone who has played any of the You Don’t Know Jack games, knows they are known for their off-beat, sometimes crude, humor – which is exactly what we’ll get, according the the ratings board.

“The ending credits contain audio commercials of fictitious TV reality programs (e.g., “Farting with the Stars”), which are accompanied by loud flatulent sound effects.”

Of course, there is no release date and publisher THQ has been silent, but with the game coming to all three platforms at a time when motion controls are just coming into play, I am betting that the game will be Wii/Move/Kinect enabled.