Dead Space 2 invite-only multiplayer beta is a go

While the studio was tightlipped about it while chatting to us at the recent reveal event, it turns out Dead Space 2 is indeed holding a multiplayer beta. And it looks to be exclusive to PlayStation 3 owners.

Handpicked users have begun receiving invites to the testing, which is already on-going, though the criteria is somewhat vague right now; users are being chosen ‘based on their experience with multiplayer shooters’, those who’ve been accepted are reporting.

The invites are being sent out via email, in which multiplayer producer Scott Probst explains: “We have just launched a small beta which will help us polish the game, and we have selected you to help us achieve that goal! We are still several months away from the game’s release, and there is still plenty of work to be done prior to shipping the game.”

The game itself is out in January; in North America on Jan. 25 2011, Europe on Jan. 28.