Ubisoft worked on a modern day Prince of Persia

Ubisoft once had a modern day Prince of Persia in the works, wouldn’t you know it, former art director Jonathan Jacques-Belletête has revealed.

Prior to 2008’s cel-shaded beauty, and after a canned Assassin’s Creed project for the original Xbox and PlayStation 2 , the French publisher/developer was after something “completely out of the left field.”

The former Ubi man elaborates: “After [the Assassin’s Creed cancellation, Ubisoft] wanted a spin-off for Prince of Persia. We had some awesome ideas with that too… in contemporary time.”

This was after work on the 2008 reboot had already started and way before this year’s The Forgotten Sands, “but they wanted really something completely out of the left field,” he added. “And back then I was known as one of the ones… ‘oh this guy can get some pretty cool, weird ideas’.”

What he came up was a title set in modern times; “Think a bit Day After Tomorrow, but replace the snow with sand and everything. It was really wicked.” But, the project ended up under the hammer, “and then we did all the Far Crys.”