HD POP, MK box arts revealed, more collections on the way

The remastered Prince of Persia and Mortal Kombat collections are all but official; after a few retail listings, the releases’ respective box arts have now surfaced via French site Jeux Video. As seen above, they bare a striking resemblance to the God of War / ICO re-releases and, in addition to improved visuals, all the games are touted to be playable in 3D as well.

Furthermore, the site’s retail sources have whispered that Ubisoft is prepping three more collections of its major franchises; the already-rumored Splinter Cell Trilogy, plus a Rayman Trilogy and a Tom Clancy’s Trilogy (Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six). All are said to be PS3-only.

When to expect them? Mortal Kombat on November 18th, and the rest on November 4th, apparently. Best wait for the official word though; the previous listings carried conflicting dates.