Resistance 3 gets (screen)shot up

Insomniac trickeled out a bit more Resistance 3 media today; after revealing the game back at Gamescom with a cool live-action trailer, we now have a bunch of screenshots to drool over too.

There’s a mash-up of in game shots that show off some creepy new Chimera and concept art that reveals a few interesting locations. What’s really interesting is the two (very vague) shots of the potential main character… who has hair. Past lead character Nathan Hale doesn’t have hair. Of course, we don’t know if Hale is returning, especially after Resistance 2‘s ending, so who’s the new guy? Could it be James Grayson, star of Resistance: Retribution? Or are we getting someone new?

We’ve got a heap of questions, meaning the shots have done their job. There’s a lot more to show before Resistance 3 launches in 2011.