Sucker Punch not yet locked down for inFamous 3

I was surprised to learn that Sucker Punch hasn’t committed to making a third installment in their Sony-exclusive superhero series, inFamous, with the developer only conceding that they’d “give it serious thought.”

“We’ll see where we want to go next,” Sucker Punch co-founder Bruce Oberg said in an interview with Eurogamer when asked to share the studio’s post-inFamous 2 plans. “That could be with Sony. We have a great relationship with them … The support and marketing, and also their approach to us, to let us make the game we want to make, is really incredible. Our relationship with Sony has been just incredible, all through the Sly series and all through inFamous.”

If the superhero sandbox series does become a trilogy, the third game will have to be published by Sony, though not necessarily developed by Sucker Punch. Though the electrifying world of Empire City is entirely Sucker Punch’s creation, the studio doesn’t actually own the idea. Before Cole first set foot to electrically charged railway, Sucker Punch had already signed away the rights to their own intellectual property, an arrangement they deemed a “small price to pay” for the “freedom to make the game [they] want to make”.