“We are the World” has nothing on Child of Eden’s “The Journey Project”

Ubisoft got some happy sighs and warm feelings yesterday when they announced “The Journey Project” for Child of Eden, a project that gives players the chance to submit pictures of their favorite moments and memories of Earth.

Players are now able to stop by the official Child of Eden website where can take some joyful trips down memory lane and submit pictures. How joyful? Ubisoft gave us some examples: pictures of “smiling faces, beautiful nature shots, stunning landscape views, and other happy and positive images”. If “The Journey” plays out like the rest of the game would, imagine the kind of swirly that you would want–“The Journey” would pretty much be that.

“The theme of Child of Eden is ‘Hope and Happiness’ and I want players to experience happy feelings every time they play the game,” said Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Q? Entertainment studio’s founder and Child of Eden‘s Creative Director. “I need your help to convey these positive emotions, so please send us pictures that give you good vibes so we can include them in the ending of the game.”

Well, you heard the man, start getting happy and send those pictures.