Analyst: Medal of Honor launch “ill-timed,” needs more buzz

EA could have done a better job picking a launch window for next month’s Medal of Honor, Kaufman Bros. analyst Todd Mitchell believes; the modern day reboot will be released smack in the middle of FPS giants Halo and Call of Duty, and the analyst is “increasingly concerned” about the shooter’s prospects. “The game is not developing the level of buzz necessary to knock Call of Duty off its perch,” he says.

The October release window EA’s chosen is “ill-timed, sandwiched between the September 14 release of Microsoft’s Halo: Reach, which recorded $200 million in first-day sales, and the November 9 release of Call of Duty: Black Ops,” he further points out. “We really don’t see a rationale for owning all three of these games.”

EA on its part — while having declared all out war on the Call of Duty franchise — isn’t expecting to outsell Call of Duty this year, but has said it’ll come “dangerously close.”