Enslaved DLC “an entirely new experience”

The post-release content for next week’s Enslaved: Odyssey to the West won’t be easily predictable. It will in fact be, according to developer Team Ninja’s Tameem Antoniades, “an entirely new experience.”

Chatting with Dtoid recently, the studio chief said the downloadable add-on is internally considered “a new project” and “not an extra few levels kind of thing.”

“From the beginning, the main game was meant to be a start, middle, and end — a complete story — and the DLC was meant to be an extra,” he explains. “So like from an internal point of view, the DLC is a new project. If it wasn’t for DLC, those people wouldn’t be working on that content. It’s not something that would have gone on the disc.”

Having just played through it, Antoniades promises the new content to be “pretty meaty,” and “an entirely new experience.” He wouldn’t go into the details though, even holding back comment on the inclusion of the Pigsy character who, according to publisher Namco Bandai, the content revolves around.

Enslaved is out next Tuesday in North America and Friday in Europe.