First Darkspore gameplay trailer surfaces

Electronic Arts has released a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming action RPG Darkspore, showing off some of the fast-paced Diablo/StarCraft-esque action it promised back at the title’s announcement at E3 in July.

Even though there’s over a minute of gameplay footage in there, it’s still difficult to work out what’s going on. According to EA, what we’re seeing here is, in fact, a glimpse of the three unique character classes and the first look at five “hero” classes which will feature in the game. Also, as the text call outs make very clear, the title places a a big emphasis on customization , upgrade collection and squad-based combat – stuff we already knew from E3, so it’s a shame EA didn’t choose to shed some more light on how these elements would play out this time around.

Darkspore will be playable in single-player or four-player co-op  and is due out February 2011 internationally.

Check out the trailer above and screenshots in the gallery for a closer look at the game’s visuals.