Reasoning behind Two Worlds II delay called into question

During PAX this year we got a chance to check out Two Worlds II and came away fairly impressed. The build we were shown, referred to as “content complete, but not QA’d,” was on track to release on time and, hopefully, redeem the game’s tarnished name. Those plans were sidelined yesterday as the game’s publisher, SouthPeak, sent word that the Reality Pump developed Two Worlds II wouldn’t see light of day in North America until 2011 because¬†further quality assurance was needed. That statement didn’t sit well with James Seaman, managing director of ¬†TopWare Interactive, which oversees developer Reality Pump, and he called shenanigans.

Seaman said that the statement from SouthPeak was “factually incorrect,” insisting the delay was due to an “exceptionally crowded” holiday shopping season. He went on to state that all of the “production, bug testing, and localization” had been complete by the middle of September, with plans to ship the game to other areas this October.

We’re not sure what the angle is here, but whether the game really does need more QA – which they should fix by all means – or if it’s being pushed back for sales reasons, everyone should get on the same message. We have reached out to SouthPeak for comment, with no response as of yet.