Two new modes revealed in latest Super Street Fighter IV 3D trailer

In the newest trailer for the fourth iteration of Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV 3D, two new modes are revealed: Figure Collecting and Arcade Standby.

The trailer carries out the way you’d expect a Street Fighter trailer to carry out these days: lots of beat-pumping music and ink blots mixed in with gameplay footage. This time around, the gameplay footage involved Figure Collecting mode, a minigame using “Chance Encounter Communication” to detect other DSs with SSFIV save data and initiate automated fights between virtual figurines. While the trailer didn’t exactly specify how the outcome of every match is decided, it might be easy to obsess over these little guys.

The second mode is Arcade Standby mode, which is exactly what it sounds like: anywhere at anytime (while two players have the game active, of course) players can challenge others on a whim via wifi connection.

Expect to hear more about the Super Street Fighter IV 3D and the two new modes in the near future.