Medal of Honor PC beta to kick-start early

Announced last week, the folks over at EA were to kick off a Medal of Honor beta for all PC gamers on October 4th, which they still are. However, the reason we used past tense there is because there’s a little surprise incoming.

In an update over at the official MoH blog, EA revealed the beta client can be accessed starting today, October 1st, in order to get your gear together. The links to follow in order to get a hold of the client will be posted “exclusively” on Twitter via the official Medal of Honor account which, needless to say, is a priority one to follow if you even want a hint of where to look for it.

Don’t forget that Medal of Honor, despite sending some mixed signals, is looking the part and is just a few days short of hitting shelves, on October 12th in North America and 15th in Europe.