NBA Elite 11 delay could cost EA $60 million

The delay of the launch of EA’s NBA Elite 11 will certainly hurt the reboot franchise’s chances at competing with industry leader NBA 2K11. How much it will hurt is hard to quantify, but Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter has an idea.

According to Pachter, the delay will cost EA around $60 million this holiday season thanks to a 1.1 million title drop in the Elite 11 sales projections. Pachter has also lowered his projections for first quarter 2011 sales of Elite, which is surprising because the basketball sim could end up launching in that period.

Does Pachter’s analysis make sense? We agree that the delay could cause players that wanted to take a chance on Elite to jump on 2K11 instead. However, we’re dubious about a later launch hurting Elite’s 2011 sales. A mid-season debut for the budding series might actually be a clever way to generate some fresh excitement after the hype for the Jordan-centered NBA 2K11 has died down.