Microsoft counting on Xbox Live to sell Windows 7 phones

Entering the smartphone market, as Microsoft plans to do with its Windows Phone 7 operating system, is a risky endeavor. With everyone already happy with their BlackBerrys, iPhones and Androids, stealing some market share promises to be difficult.

However, Microsoft already has a secret weapon of sorts up their sleeve that could swing the market in their favor. That weapon is Xbox Live integration that will allow players to bring their online profiles with them as they frolic about outside of their living rooms.

“Clearly the phone is you,” says Microsoft’s Matt Thompson, “so the most unique thing we’re trying to do is bring Xbox Live so you can carry the online ‘you’ into the rest of the world.”

Thompson is confident in his customers’ love of their Xbox Live profiles, because he reportedly believes the integration to be the “hook” that sets Windows Phone 7 apart from other operating systems and to pave the way for smartphone market domination.

As far as game content is concerned, it’s reported that Microsoft is hard at work developing traditional 2D and 3D games to combine with popular social games available on other smartphones. In total, at least 60 Xbox Live enabled games will be available for the Windows Phone holiday 2010 launch.