Splash Damage not likely to revisit ‘limiting’ multiplayer-only roots

Over the past decade developer Splash Damage has built up a strong reputation for its hardcore multiplayer titles, making their latest title, Brink, a bit of an oddball. After years of games that focus exclusively on multiplayer, here’s a title that has a strong and structured story with a single-player campaign that promises to be just as strong as the multiplayer due to its unique merging of the two. Does this mean the end of SD’s dedicated multiplayer days? We asked Neil Alphonso, lead designer on Brink these very questions at the Eurogamer Expo this year.

“It’s hard to say because we haven’t announced our next thing.” Alphonso said. “Personally I don’t think we’ll go back to dedicated multiplayer because that sort of just very much limits the scope of who you can reach.

“One of our missions with Brink was to take the people who only play single-player and introduce them to multiplayer because there are a lot of people – including myself – who don’t play multiplayer much now.”

It certainly would seem like shooting yourself in the foot to go back to such a hardcore audience after potentially gaining a whole new one with Brink, “So we’re trying to make a game that encourages team work and we’re trying to make people play a bit nicer. We really hope that works out and we don’t think we’ll go against that and hopefully with Brink we’ll make that our legacy.”

With Brink set for a Spring 2011 release it will be a good long time before we hear what they’re up to next anyway.