id Software games to “come a lot faster” after Rage

id Software have an amazing backlog of games, sure, but they do take their time getting them ready. Their latest game, Rage, is still around a year away from release but creative director Tim Willits assured us at Eurogamer Expo 2010 that the developer is going to ramp up its release schedule once Rage is out the door.

“id Software has always made the technology and the game, which always takes forever,” Willits started. “That was one of the reasons why we were attracted to the Bethesda/Zenimax family because what we’ve done now is built up a second team. Everyone knows they’ve been working on Doom 4; they’re using ID Tech 5, they’re learning from our mistakes, they’re using some of our assets to experiment with.”

So basically anything the Rage team learn can be passed on to the Doom team, speeding up their development and likely vice versa once the Rage team start their next project. “Moving forward we’re committed to using the same technology for multiple games and they’ll come a lot faster,” Willits says.