Statistics: Just Cause we felt like it

Square Enix compiled an infotastic piece of statistical prowess, and a pretty one at that, to commemorate the first six months of Just Cause 2. It’s got all of the fun numbers you’d expect to see such as player death causes, total distance driven, choice weapons and kill  methods.

From that point on it dips its toe in some crazy and starts listing off info like combined base jump heights which is “roughly 14 times the circumference of the Earth or the equivalent of freefalling from the moon one and a half times”).

It is also worth pointing out that players have grapple-chuted to climb “a distance over 32,500 times the height of Mount Everest.”

On the topic of playtime, one stalwart individual has managed to log in 45 days of mayhem. While this might be the extreme, the entire player base has racked up a staggering 1.1 million days or “just a little under 3,000 years!” I have to agree with Matthew Razak of Destructoid on just how useful 3k years of manpower could be. Oh well, at least it went to a…Just Cause…I hate myself.

Check out the image here for all the stats.