Willits: ‘No plans’ for Rage on 3DS

id Software are set to bring their upcoming IP Rage to the iPhone, serving as an impressive example of the power of the device. We also recently got a glimpse of what Nintendo’s latest handheld, the 3DS, is capable of, looking like it could more than handle what Carmack and co have got in store for Apple’s tech. So could Rage possibly come to the 3DS as well?

According to creative director Tim Willits, best not expect it just yet. “I’m not sure, we’ve never done anything internally like that,” he told us at the Eurogamer Expo this weekend. “It’s not something we have plans for right now.” Short and sweet.

Guess we’ll have to look at the success of both Rage on the iPhone and the 3DS before we find out more about a potential 3DS port. Or until code guru John Carmack gets an itch he can’t help but scratch.