Analyst: Xbox 360 to lead spring price cuts

As spring 2011 rolls around, so will another wave of price cuts for the consoles, analyst Michael Pachter believes. Chatting with IndustryGamers, the Wedbush man estimated that “a $50 console price cut across the board will impact software sales by a positive five per cent,” with Microsoft leading the charge “some time in spring 2011.”

He further predicted that Nintendo’s 3DS, which was just last week dated for a March launch in both North America and Europe, “has the potential to reinvigorate packaged product sales.” Microsoft’s Kinect and Sony’s PlayStation Move motion controllers are expected to do the same for consoles, “broadening the installed base and giving new purchasers a reason to buy a greater number of packaged goods.”

As far as 2010 software is concerned, however, sales for both console and handheld titles are expected to end up in “negative territory, offset by an increase in PC software from the launches of StarCraft II in July and World of Warcraft Cataclysm [dated for Dec.6 just today] this quarter.”