Pre-release Medal of Honor demo ruled out

In a short and to-the-point update on the Medal of Honor forums, Bazajaytee – or Barrie Tingle, associate producer at DICE – dropped the cracker; there will be no pre-release demo of Medal of Honor: “Just got confirmation, there will be no Demo before launch of MoH.”

While this is bad news, there’s no saying there won’t be one at all.

Still, in one swift sentence, he literally killed the hope of thousands who still stand undecided on whether or not to get the game; whether or not it will be like Battlefield: Bad Company 2; whether or not it is the fusion of Battlefield and Call of Duty; whether or not it’ll be worth spending their hard-earned cash on.

But the world will never know… unless, of course, you get a move on and participate in the ongoing PC beta. Give it a shot and maybe that will help you out before the game comes out next week.