PS3/360 NBA Jam to equal Wii version

The wallet-lightening delay of EA Sports’ NBA Elite 11, its yearly basketball outing, might have come as a bit of a shock to you, us, basketball fans, sports fans and everyone involved in the title and in this business… probably including EA too. And it would seem that the announcement even caught the creative director for NBA Jam Trey Smith, and his team, off guard.

Speaking to the Toronto sports radio station FAN 590, Smith said they would try to make the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version of the game – scheduled for a holiday release later this year – as equal to the Wii version as possible, which would now include the earlier excluded Remix Tour, featuring about 20 hours worth of challenges, boss battles and unique game modes that were originally not going to be there in the first place.

“I’ll tell you, we’re doing everything in our power to get as much on there as possible. I mean, we had online up. It was a really basic online feature set. We’re trying to blow that out. And then you get Remix. We’re trying to throw it all in there,” said Smith.

So, what was once an “exclusive,” will now not be, and not only that, you won’t have to buy another game to get your hands on this classic. Based on the aforementioned, NBA Jam will ship as a complete standalone title on PS3 and Xbox 360 with the same amount of content as it will on the Wii. Whether that be as a retail disc or digital download still remains to be seen, as will the price for the game.