Updated / RTW’s Dave Jones to join Epic?

Update: Rumor is how far this one will go. Jones has given an update to Develop: “I’m still in Dundee and not in any way joining Epic. No idea where that rumour came from.”

Original story: Dave Jones, founder of the now gone APB developer Realtime Worlds, is reported to be heading over to US soil, more specifically, to North Carolina and Gears of War developer Epic Games.

According to national newspaper Herald, Jones “has been linked with a senior post” at Unreal Engine’s house Epic and “is known to be a close friend of its chief executive Mark Rein.” If this is to be confirmed in the near future, that would possibly reunite Jones with APB, the game he helped create but that ultimately went under due to poor sales. Epic has already been linked with APB as a potential buyer of the IP, but official word about the entire situation is yet to emerge. Nonetheless, this rumor will undoubtedly fuel that fire.

“If any [buyout] talks are going on, then they would be confidential,” said Epic last month.

But then again, while compensated gamers who bought APB want to see this as more than a simple coincidence, these situations may very well be entirely unrelated. If all this turns out to be true, Jones might as well be involved with something completely different for all we know.