FIFA 11 week one sales at $150 million

EA has crowned FIFA 11 not only its, but the fastest-selling sports title ever. After launching in North America last Tuesday and Europe on Friday, the game sold through 2.6 million copies by Saturday, October 2nd, the mega publisher’s announced. That’s an estimated $150+ million EA’s netted, up 29 percent over last year’s already record-breaking release. “A landmark achievement,” EA Sports head Peter Moore labels it.

“We’ve shattered sales records at retail, critics are praising FIFA 11 as being one of the most authentic and innovative titles ever, and fans are connecting and competing with other gamers around the world and have logged a record number of online connected game sessions”; last Friday and Saturday were EA Sports’ “busiest two-day period for online gaming,” with 11.3 million FIFA 11 and 18.6 million overall online connected game sessions played.

As revealed yesterday by the UK’s data collector GFK Chart-Track, FIFA 11 has also become the third most successful videogame launch in the country’s history.