Raving Rabbids on TV!

You know what we love about rumors? Occasionally, they’re true, as in this case. Whether that’s a good thing or not in this particular case remains to be seen though.

About a week ago, we wrote about the possibility of seeing some Raving Rabbids on TV, as it was reported that Ubisoft and Aardman Animations were working on creating a show based on the publisher’s quirky IP. As it turns out, official word has hit our inboxes that that is, in fact, true.

Aardman will be creating a pilot and several shorts based on the popular characters, who have since their first appearance become so much more than just videogame characters, inspiring viral videos on the internet, plush toys and even award-winning ads for companies such as Renault and Coca Cola.

“The not-so-subtle humor of the Rabbids has made them into icons in and beyond video games,” states Xavier Poix, Managing Director at Ubisoft’s French studios. “Aardman perfectly understands that humor and we are extremely excited to be working with them to bring the Rabbids to a new medium and a new audience.”