Possible Force Unleashed III ‘being figured out’

There may be a Force Unleashed III yet; according to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II‘s project lead Julio Torres, what’s to come of Vader and Starkiller post-TFU2 is currently being ‘figured out’.

“The timeframe for The Force Unleashed and TFU II is about a year, and there’s still, between that and Episode IV, a couple of years for us to play with,” he’s told SciFiNow mag.

“So that means no matter how the game ends for Starkiller and Vader for TFU II, we still have some time to figure out how we solidify the canon so that everything makes sense for IV.”

“Obviously, if that were to be exposed, it would most likely be a TFU III,” he continues. “I’m just afraid I can’t share what that could be yet because we’re still figuring it out. I cautioned that…the key is that, that time is still left. If we had finished TFU II and we were up against the timeframe, we would probably have been done.”

Torres’ words come after August’s rumors that new LucasArts president Paul Meegan had canned the third game in the series.

The Force Unleashed II is out later this month; October 26 in North America, the 29th in Europe. A demo is expected on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on the 12th.