Star-spangled Captain America game announced

Captain America’s silver-screen debut is due out Summer 2011 and of course SEGA will be bringing us the movie tie-in Captain America: Super Soldier. The publisher has been churning out Marvel movie-tie ins for the last few years now with the Hulk and Iron Man games but those projects weren’t exactly up to scratch. With that said, we’re still excited for their Captain America game because let’s face it, we’re comic book nerds.

Super Soldier will be a World War II 3rd person action game that mixes combat and platforming. We’re hoping that means an Uncharted flavored adventure. While it’s set to tie-in to the film, Marvel writer Christos Gage (who writes the awesome Invincible Iron Man series) has added a plot that’ll take you to new places and introduces you to new foes not found in the movie.

Cap will hit big and small screens next year, competing with his fellow Avenger, Thor for the comic book game top-spot.