Fight the Helghast early in the Killzone 3 beta

SCEE today announced that by the end of October (25th), fans of the Killzone franchise will get the chance to experience the explosive multiplayer included in the upcoming third installment in the series, Killzone 3, through a beta trial.

The beta will begin on October 25th, as aforementioned, and will include the all-new ‘Operations’ game type, party system, and jetpack and exoskeleton vehicles. As always, betas are held to make a better game, which is why Guerrilla want all participants to provide honest feedback about how the game can be improved. In other words, it’s for our own good.

In order to become a participant, you will need to have a PlayStation Plus subscription. However, only the first 10,000 subscribers in PAL territories will be granted access, so look alive and get ready to get your hands dirty, figuratively speaking:

1. Become a PS+ subscriber; 2. On October 14th, download the Killzone 3 XMB theme on the PlayStation store; 3. If you were among the first 10,000 people to download the theme, you will receive an email on October 25th containing the beta download trial code and further instructions on how to start shooting Helghast.

Don’t have a PS+ subscription and don’t want one? Then there’s still a slim chance for you yet. Just follow the official Killzone 3 accounts on Twitter and Facebook, which will be giving away 150 codes for SCEA territories and another 150 ones for SCEE territories.

Killzone 3 is scheduled for a February 22nd release, exclusively on PlayStation 3.