Gears of War 3 beta incoming “early 2011”

Despite the lack of setbacks, which means the game was and probably still is on schedule, the locust-infested Gears of War 3 was delayed to fall 2011 due to a “business decision.” That’s not to say all things are bad and the world will go down an emergence hole yet, though.

With the extra months that Epic Games now have, they will not only polish the game until it shines like the star it’s meant to be, but will reportedly have a multiplayer beta starting “early 2011.” That means that by the time the game would have originally been released next year, Xbox 360 owners might just have a chance at getting an early peek as to how the third installment in the franchise will play like online.

Any specifics haven’t been mentioned just yet, but dare we assume that pre-orders – and maybe purchases as well – of Bulletstorm might come with a Gears of War 3 beta code in it, eh? Do we? Maybe not, we wouldn’t want to get kicked in the balls for reporting inaccuracies.