Hunted: The Demon’s Forge sequel would “play up the co-op” says dev

Normally when you ask about potential for sequels with an upcoming title, the interviewee will zip right up and not say another word. That didn’t happen when we spoke to Maxx Kaufman of inXile about their upcoming game Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. When we asked the company co-founder about possible sequels he was more than open to the idea, saying: “There are so many ideas that come up. I think we would even more so play up the co-op abilities of the players and then combining abilities.”

Hunted offers two-player co-op with a bunch of character abilities to explore, perhaps we’d get more players and new moves in a sequel. Kaufman also spoke a bit out the game’s chances: “We really hope it has sequel potential. We love it and hope that people enjoy it and buy a lot of copies and then we will make a sequel.”

He also revealed: “It might not be a sequel, it could be a prequel or a story about other characters, or something set in the same universe.”

Hunted is knocking back its bow for an early 2011 release.