Playstation Move gets shot up in October

If you picked up a Move on launch you’ve probably championed all the sports and raised an EyePet to adulthood by now, so it’s time for something new. The next big title for the peripheral, The Shoot will be hitting stores in North America on October 19th, the PS Blog’s announced.

Several UK retailers point to an October 29 release date.

The Shoot is a light-gun game themed around movie sets (because shooting the heads off real aliens is obviously too much to ask for). It looks to be the closest thing to a hardcore game you can find for the controller so far, so let’s hope it’s a winner.

On top of that, Sony’s Shooting Attachment (read: Wii Zapper) will release at the same time, letting you snap the controller into a pistol-shaped hold.

Sounds like gun nuts better sharpen their sights for release in just under two weeks.